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Mitigation Activities: Agriculture and Forestry

1. Utilization of livestock manure for biogas and compost
2. Application of environmentally-friendly pesticides
3. Intensification and diversification of agriculture
4. Utilization of agricultural waste
5. Regulation on agricultural processing industry
6. Development of organic farming techniques

1. Identification of forest cover and biophysical condition of territories as well as the creation of an inventory of forest resources and peatland
2. Preparation of sustainable forest and peatland management plan
3. Restoration of already degraded and deforested forests and peatlands
4. Provide alternative livelihoods for forest people
5. Control forests and peatland use permits
6. Law enforcement in the land use planning
7. Maintaining the quality and quantity of forests and peatlands
8. Increasing public awareness on improving the function and purpose of forest estates
9. Evaluation of peatlands exceeding 3 meters in depth to be categorized into a protection area (kawasan lindung)
10. Minimize the occurrence of forest fires and peatland

Mitigation Activities: Energy, Transport, and Industry

1. Free of kerosene use and substitute it with LPG or electric fuel
2. Restriction on the use of kerosene in the villages
3. Use of energy-saving lamps
4. Adjustment to renewable energy power plants (Solar Power Plant, Hydro Power Plant/Micro-Hydro Power Plant, Geothermal Power Plant)
5. Standardization of electronic equipment
6. Energy conservation programs
7. Utilization of communal solar panels in remote areas

1. Transitioning from fuel oil-based electricity generation
2. Efficiency of industrial machines

(Power plants)
1. Discontinuation of diesel power plants across Aceh province
2. Construction of renewable energy power plant (Hydro Power Plant/Micro-Hydro Power Plant, Geothermal Power Plant)

1. Optimization of signals on street intersection
2. Smart Eco Driving
3. Application of Hybrid technology
4. Computerization
5. Unmotorized priority
6. Parking Management
7. Integration of transport scheme into spatial planning
8. Optimizing the use of mass transit
9. Conversion of fuel oil to gas (Fuel Gas)
10. Development of green open spaces
11. Emission standard testing for motorized vehicles
12. Revitalization of seaports to transport goods

Mitigation Activities: Waste

1. Application of 3Rs Principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
2. Environmentally conscious consumers
3. Construction of Landfill Final Disposal
4. Processing of waste as a source of energy
5. Management of hazardous and toxic materials
6. Management of communal system for domestic waste
7. Management of industrial waste

Reduction Target (MtCO2e)
Reduction Target (% BAU)
Target Year Emission (MtCO2e)
Base Year Emission: Agriculture and Forestry (MtCO2e) 20.27
Base Year Emission: Energy, Transport, and Industry (MtCO2e) 4.84
Base Year Emission: Waste (MtCO2e) 21.35
Emissions Profile
2020 Projections