Capital CitySerang
Population 2010 (thousand)10,632.20
Provincial GDP 2010 (million Rp)171,748
Area Total 2010 (km2)9,662.92
Total Forest Land Area 2010 (ha)1,439
Emissions Per Capita 2010 (tCO2e/capita)1.39
Emissions Intensity 2010 (tCO2e/million Rp)86.01
Banten 2020 Emission Target Reduction Achieved
Emissions Profile
2020 Projections
Mitigation Activities Description
Mitigation Activities: Agriculture and Forestry

1. Management of agricultural land conversion
2. Optimization of livestock manure as fertilizer
3. Construction of biogas from livestock waste
4. Utilization of agricultural and local livestock waste

1. Minimize forest degradation
2. Planting trees
3. Technology in land management and agricultural cultivation
4. Optimizing the utilization of unproductive, empty, and critical lands
5. Establishment and management of forest estates
6. Completion of the permit process in problematic forest estates
7. Management of forest encroachment
8. Development of plantation forests
9. Monitoring hotspot
10. Securing forests from illegal logging and forest fires
11. Rehabilitation of crops plantation
12. Provision of plantation crops seeds

Mitigation Activities: Energy, Transport, and Industry

1. Development of Hydro Power Plant/Micro-Hydro Power Plant and biogas installations
2. Facilitation of Solar Power Plant
3. Dissemination of electricity utilization and safety information in households

1. Ecodriving
2. Limit use of agency cars
3. Car free day

1. Workshop for metal industry development
2. Supervised Small and Medium Chemical-based Industries

Mitigation Activities: Waste

1. Collaboration of government with private sectors to support garbage infrastructure services
2. Construction of landfill facilities, integrated waste management using 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) principle
3. Guidelines for waste management, including office waste
4. Campaign and dissemination on waste regulations
5. Composting efforts

RPJMD Description
RPJMD Period 2012-2017
Supportive Mission Statement in RPJMD Mission 1: To improve regional infrastructure in order to support sustainable regional development with target (6) reduction in pollution level, in environmental degradation and disaster risks, goal (7) increased function of protected area in Banten, goal (8) achieved sustainable spatial planning, goal (9) increased availability and use of alternative energy and environmentally friendly renewable energy such as geothermal, wind and solar.
Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Agriculture and Forestry Strategy: Increase participation of rural community in protecting forest estates through rehabilitation and conservation of natural resources and the environment; Rehabilitation and conservation of natural resources and of the environment through Critical Land Rehabilitation Movement (Gerakan Rehabilitasi Lahan Kritis); Increased management of protection areas(Kawasan Lindung). Policy Direction: Increased participation of rural communities in protecting forest estates and urban forests areas as green open space; Rehabilitation of mangroves and coral reefs; Rehabilitation of degraded land through Critical Land Rehabilitation Movement; Achieved restoration of post mining land degradation, of landfill, and of natural disasters; Achieved planning and restoration of the function of protected areas; Increased security and protection of protected areas; Development of new protected areas.
Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Energy, Transport, and Industry

Strategy: Increased use of renewable energy and energy conservation.

Policy direction: Increased utilization of geothermal energy as a source of electrical energy in Banten, by facilitating the development of geothermal energy resources; Reduced load of emissions from motorized vehicles and industry sector; Development of cleaner production and EPCM (Environmental Pollution Control Manager); Increased efforts to implement energy conservation and saving, through conservation of petroleum to gas and other energy sources; Increased use of alternative energy sources through the development of micro-hydro electric energy in Pandeglang and Lebak; Development of energy sources from solar, wind and biogas in rural areas not yet reached by the electrical grid system, and Development of renewable energy independent villages; Increased community empowerment in sustainable energy development.

Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Waste

Strategy: Increase coverage of urban solid waste services.

Policy direction: Increased coverage of domestic waste water services; Increased coverage of solid waste services in the National Activity Center (Pusat Kegiatan Nasional)and Development Areas(Wilayah Kerja Pembangunan)through, Construction of Waste Processing Sites(Tempat Pemprosesan dan Pengolahan Sampah), Reduction of waste at source and development of technology use of waste; Achieved monitoring of hazardous waste utilization and disposal in industry, hospitals, domestic use and other sectors.

Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Agriculture and Forestry No indication of challenges found
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Energy, Transport, and Industry Policy direction: Sustained energy supply in Banten, through increased supply of electrical energy by utilizing energy sources from coal power plants in Merak, Labuan and Tangerang.
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Waste No indication of challenges found