Capital CityBengkulu
Population 2010 (thousand)1,715.50
Provincial GDP 2010 (million Rp)18,600
Area Total 2010 (km2)19,919.33
Total Forest Land Area 2010 (ha)882
Emissions Per Capita 2010 (tCO2e/capita)3.16
Emissions Intensity 2010 (tCO2e/million Rp)291.7
Bengkulu 2020 Emission Target Reduction Achieved
Emissions Profile
2020 Projections
Mitigation Activities Description
Mitigation Activities: Agriculture and Forestry

1. Increased cultivation of low-emission rice varieties
2. Intermittent Rice Irrigation system
3. Restoring Organic Materials into wetlands
4. Decreased use of urea
5. Utilization of Livestock Manure for Biogas and Compost

1. Maintain the quality of land cover
2. Improved quality of land cover

Mitigation Activities: Energy, Transport, and Industry

Energy and Industry:
1. Efficiency in power usage (energy-saving lamps program)
2. Substitution of kerosene with LPG
3. Replacement of diesel power plants with coal power plants

1. Improvement of public transport system (rejuvenation of public transport)
2. Smart/Eco Driving
3. Reinforcement of motorized vehicles exhaust emissions (emissions testing)
4. Application of progressive tax for motorized vehicles
5. Procurement of road safety facilities (for non-motorized transports)

Mitigation Activities: Waste

1. Rehabilitation/Improvement of landfill facilities
2. Increased composting efforts and 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) programs
3. Rehabilitation of domestic waste management from latrine (pit privy) to septic tank

RPJMD Description
RPJMD Period 2011-2015
Supportive Mission Statement in RPJMD Mission 3: To expand natural resources and environmental management, basic infrastructure development, and disaster management in order to support the competitiveness of the regional economy and sustainable development, with target (1): increased exploration and production results of natural resources and control of the environment in a sustainable manner and in accordance with its carrying capacity.
Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Agriculture and Forestry

Strategy: Optimizing policies to revitalize agriculture, maritime and fishery affairs.

Policy direction: Increase diversification and sustainable food security; Improve technology, facility and infrastructure for farming activities; Improve protection and conservation efforts of forests.

Program: Food Diversification Enhancement Program and Sustainable Food Security Program; Forest Development and Planning Program; Natural Resources Protection and Conservation Program.

Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Energy, Transport, and Industry No supportive policy direction found
Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Waste Policy Directions: Improved utilization of waste processing; Development of environmental infrastructure, for basic water supply and for wastewater management.
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Agriculture and Forestry No indication of challenges found
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Energy, Transport, and Industry No indication of challenges found
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Waste No indication of challenges found