Kepulauan Riau

Capital CityTanjung Pinang
Population 2010 (thousand)1,679.20
Provincial GDP 2010 (million Rp)71,615
Area Total 2010 (km2)8,201.72
Total Forest Land Area 2010 (ha)2,638
Emissions Per Capita 2010 (tCO2e/capita)2.03
Emissions Intensity 2010 (tCO2e/million Rp)47.67
Riau Islands 2020 Emission Target Reduction Achieved
Emissions Profile
2020 Projections
Mitigation Activities Description
Mitigation Activities: Agriculture and Forestry

1. Processing livestock manure into biogas
2. Substitution of urea with organic manure
3. Forest and land rehabilitation
4. Greening the environment
5. Organizing the boundaries for forest estates

Mitigation Activities: Energy, Transport, and Industry

1. Procurement of school buses for students and employees
2. Revitalization of public transport
3. Emission test on motorized vehicles
4. Training for smart eco driving
5. Development of Bus Rapid Transit system
6. Application of Traffic Impact Control
7. Development of Urban Rail for City of Batam
8. Car Free Day
9. Installation of Converter Kit
10. Development of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System)
11. Management of Traffic Engineering
12. Establishment of facilities for Non-Motorized Transport

Mitigation Activities: Waste No mitigation activities mentioned
RPJMD Description
RPJMD Period 2010-2015
Supportive Mission Statement in RPJMD Mission 9: To achieve environmentally conscious development.
Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Agriculture and Forestry Strategy: Implement adoption of innovation efforts of cultivation technology for food crops, horticulture and plantation crops, that have high and prospective economic values for domestic needs and export demands; Implement intensification and extension of agriculture and farming based on land availability and its carrying capacity, and taking into account natural resources preservation and environmental health; Develop environmentally friendly agribusiness and agriculture systems; Conduct Environmental Impact Assessments for any mining business license and conduct legal action against any violations towards environmental management plan that was ratified and adopted into law; Restore and maintain forest estate and former mining area; Conduct reforestation of degraded land and plantation with high economic value; Rehabilitate degraded forest ecosystem functions and conduct effort for conservation; Establish zoning of protection forest areas that were confirmed through central and local government regulation; Build and preserve dams / reservoirs, and ponds in a specific area in a sustainable manner; Protect and reforest degraded lands in locations that contain springs to maintain its continuity.
Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Energy, Transport, and Industry No supportive policy direction found
Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Waste Strategy: Build infrastructure for municipal waste landfill, equipped with sanitary landfill system in suitable regions, distributed throughout different areas; Build hazardous waste processing units in industry and mining areas; Provide adequate number of Integrated Waste Disposal Sites.
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Agriculture and Forestry No indication of challenges found
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Energy, Transport, and Industry Strategy: Increase the availability of energy sources, particularly electricity and gas.
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Waste No indication of challenges found