Maluku Utara

Capital CityTernate
Population 2010 (thousand)1,038.10
Provincial GDP 2010 (million Rp)5,390
Area Total 2010 (km2)31,982.50
Total Forest Land Area 2010 (ha)20,963
Emissions Per Capita 2010 (tCO2e/capita)4.78
Emissions Intensity 2010 (tCO2e/million Rp)921.26
North Maluku 2020 Emission Target Reduction Achieved
Emissions Profile
2020 Projections
Mitigation Activities Description
Mitigation Activities: Agriculture and Forestry

1. Substituting the use of urea-based fertilizer with organic fertilizer derived from manure as much as 50%

1. Rehabilitation of mangroves
2. Development of plantation forests (Hutan Tanaman)

Mitigation Activities: Energy, Transport, and Industry

1. Use of LED lamps for households
2. Use of solar panels
3. Alternative renewable energy

1. Procurement of school buses for students and employees
2. Revitalization of public transport
3. Emission test on vehicles
4. Training for smart eco driving
5. Procurement of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
6. Traffic Impact control
7. Urban Rail Development
8. Car free day
9. Installation of converter kit
10. Development of ITS (Intelligent Transport System)
11. Management of traffic engineering
12. Establishment of non-motorized transport

1. Clean Production

Mitigation Activities: Waste

1. Use of organic waste for compost
2. Use of 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) principle
3. Green consumer
4. Waste to energy

RPJMD Description
RPJMD Period 2014-2019
Supportive Mission Statement in RPJMD Mission 2: To encourage growth, stability and distribution of economic development that is fair and equitable, as well as to increase value-added production through the use of natural resources in a sustainable manner (Aesthetic Mission).
Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Agriculture and Forestry

Strategy: Protection and monitoring of forest estates as well as empowerment and advancement for the surrounding community; Improved performance of the function of spatial planning.

Policy direction: Enforcement of law and security consistently in forests estates; Implement harmonious integration, conservation and rehabilitation of forest estates; Develop various non-timber ventures and other productive economic activities in the forest; Implementation of environmental permits evaluation, supervision and enforcement by the integrated law enforcement teams and the Regional Action Plan for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction.

Program: Forest Planning and Development Program; Training and Enforcement Program for Forest Products Industry.

Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Energy, Transport, and Industry

Strategy: Develop energy management based on solar/hydropower/micro-hydro/geothermal and other renewable energy sources.

Policy directions: development and management of new renewable energy.

Program: Program to develop geothermal energy as well as other renewable energy sources.

Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Waste Policy direction: increased coverage of domestic waste water services, waste services and availability of urban drainage.
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Agriculture and Forestry No indication of challenges found
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Energy, Transport, and Industry No indication of challenges found
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Waste No indication of challenges found