Sulawesi Tenggara

Capital CityKendari
Population 2010 (thousand)2,232.60
Provincial GDP 2010 (million Rp)28,377
Area Total 2010 (km2)38,067.70
Total Forest Land Area 2010 (ha)2,977
Emissions Per Capita 2010 (tCO2e/capita)2.49
Emissions Intensity 2010 (tCO2e/million Rp)196
Southeast Sulawesi 2020 Emission Target Reduction Achieved
Emissions Profile
2020 Projections
Mitigation Activities Description
Mitigation Activities: Agriculture and Forestry

1. Integrated farming management on land, crops, livestock, and energy
2. Utilization of organic pesticides
3. Regulation of water system and utilization of idle lands
4. Implementation of Save Water Movement (Gerakan Hemat Air)
5. Implementation of land management system that emits low level of greenhouse gases (GHG)
6. Development of localized agriculture
7. Integrated livestock management system
8. Optimizing balanced use of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer
9. Utilization of livestock waste as an alternative energy source and for the economy
10. Control and monitoring of agricultural land conversion
11. Implement composting process with bunker systems (aerobic conditions)

1. Maintain areas of primary and secondary dry forests
2. Prevent conversion of shrubs and grassland areas to become critical lands
3. Reclamation of post-mining land
4. Increase forest planting gradually by 25% for each time period
5. Establishment of plantation forests in open lands, grasslands and wastelands
6. Accelerating the arrangement of forest estate boundaries and the strengthening of forest estates

Mitigation Activities: Energy, Transport, and Industry

1. Conversion to energy saving lamps (Shifting)
2. Socialization of Energy Efficient programs (Avoid)
3. Diversification of technology from diesel power plants to non-conventional power plants
4. Utilization of renewable energy sources
5. Use of non-conventional fuel vehicles
6. Use of Biogas
7. Post-Mining Reclamation.

1. Regulation to efficiently use fuel and to limit the number of private vehicles.
2. Management of better public transportation system
3. Use of environmentally friendly fuel (gas and biofuels)
4. Control and routine inspection of public transport

Mitigation Activities: Waste

1. Reinforcement of regulation on waste and garbage affair
2. Reducing garbage from its source as much as possible, reusing it, and recycling it (3Rs principle) before transported to landfill (Development of Integrated Waste Disposal Sites (Tempat Pengelolaan Sampah Terpadu), Garbage separation, waste banks, Technical guideline on composting)
3. Integrated waste management in collaboration with community and private sectors
4. Improved waste management engineering technology

RPJMD Description
RPJMD Period 2013-2018
Supportive Mission Statement in RPJMD No supportive mission statement identified
Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Agriculture and Forestry

Policy direction: Increased production and productivity of agricultural commodities while subsequently increased public revenue through intensification, extension, diversification, rehabilitation and provision of agricultural infrastructure; Control and monitoring of forests; Arrangement of protected areas and farming areas through coordination between sectors and regions.

Program: Program to improve the application of appropriate agricultural technology; Farming Technology Application Program; Forest and Land Rehabilitation Program; Forest Conservation and Protection Program.

Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Energy, Transport, and Industry Program: Renewable Energy Development and Utilization Program.
Supportive Policy Direction in RPJMD: Waste

Strategy: Improved waste water services in urban and rural areas.

Policy direction: Development of wastewater network services through the provision of local waste water system and central waste water system; Improved waste management facilities through waste reduction and treatment of urban waste.

Program: Development of Wastewater and Drinking Water Management Performance.

Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Agriculture and Forestry Target of increasing production and productivity in agriculture and mining and the policy direction to increase public revenue and local revenue through agriculture and mining.
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Energy, Transport, and Industry No indication of challenges found
Indication of Challenges in RPJMD: Waste No indication of challenges found